About us


ProETICO is  an academic Spin-off of the Industrial engineering Department of the University of Naples,  borned in January 2018,  in  the Joint Lab IDEAS (Interactive Design and Simulation), led by Prof. Antonio Lanzotti.

The partners of the company are Prof. Antonio Lanzotti (chairman),  Prof. Massimo Martorelli (R&D manager), Prof. Antonio Gloria (scientific advisor), eng. Rosario Giordano (CEO), phd eng. Dario Oliviero,  Dott. Michele Raffa  from Imprese & Sviluppo.

ProEtico mission is to develop and industrialize  functional prototypes and  advanced solutions by making use of Industry  4.0 Key Enabling Technologies, belonging to the following research lines: 

  • Simulation (Design for Additive Manufacturing, Process Simulation and Optimization)
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Material Functionalization via additive manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering

ProEtico main goal is to further develop and industrialize the Joint Lab IDEAS concepts and research products  






ProEtico applies Industry 4.0 Key Enabling Technologies in stategic and complex industrial fields, in an holistic approach, in more details ProEtico operates in the following:

  • Biomedical 
  • Aerospace & Transportation
  • Green technologies 

ProEtico develops products and advanced solutions which are fully inside the Ethical Engineering, having as main goal the development of solutions which foster and make easier the integration of human in any context which interacts, overcoming, mitigating any kind of limitation, both physical and sensorial